Corious Mumba

About Corious

Corious Mumba is the founding Partner of the Firm. He is registered Legal Practitioner, Conveyancer and Notary Public. He has been in practice for over half a decade having obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Zimbabwe wher he also served as President of the Law Studants Association and set on the Faculty of Law Board in2013.

Prior to establishing the Firm, Corious worked at three premiere full service law firm in Zimbabwe’s capital city of Harare. During this period, he acquired vast experience and acute expertise in; Administrative Law, Corporate Advisory, Property Advisory as well as Environmental Law, Commercial Arbitation, Debt Recovery, Civil and Criminal Litigation.

Most notably, Corious has established al round property law expertise. He has often been involved in infrastructure development projects involving agreements between Local Authorities, Building Societies, Financial Institutions, Property Developers and individual beneficiaries. He has handled land disputes and all aspects of Conveyancing work. In 2015, Corious was part of the legal team which represented Interfresh Limited against and obtained millions of United States Dollars from the Government of Zimbabwe in what is to date; the largest land compensation claim ever won in the country. Through his strides, the Firm is developing a niche practice focused on property and real estate, land development, construction, infrastructure and the general buit environment within Zimbabwe and throughout the region.

Corious is a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Institute of Patents and Trademarks. He is also a Trustee in the Creatives Rights Zimbabwe Trust and Director in several private limited companies in Zimbabwe. Corious is the legal advisor for the Cancer Health Clinic, the fastest growing oncology centre in Zimbabwe. He also represents a number of Embassies and non-profit organisations. As the consummate strategist and schemer, Mr. Mumba is currently the Managing Partner and our Head of Advisory Services at the Firm.