Agency Gumbo

About Agency

Agency Gumbo graduated with a Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of Zimbabwe where he also actively served as President for the Students Union and_ voting member of the University Council. Thereafter, he worked for the SADC People’s Summit as a Legal Researcher for a year before delving into private practice. Over the ensuing years, Agency worked as a partner for two established law firms in Harare before joining the Firm.

During his career to date, Agency has honed acute skill and expertise in Civil and particularly Criminal & Commercial Litigation in the superior courts of Zimbabwe. As an active member of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, he has also handled vast amounts of Human Rights Litigation work across the country. Further, Agency Gumbo has_ executed mandates for property development contracts, partnership and joint venture agreements and other corporate advisory services. From this work, he has developed a keen interest in Commercial Litigation and is currently studying for a Masters in International Trade Law with the University of South Africa. As the ultimate courtroom lawyer with a gladiatorial repertoire, Mr Gumbo is currently our Head of Litigation at the Firm.

Agency is a member of the Law Society of Zimbabwe. Beyond the legal profession, Agency is passionate about politics and business. He is a former national board member of the Zimbabwe Youth Council and has spoken on numerous platforms, both national and international, on the Zimbabwean political situation. In business, Agency is the Company Secretary for the Phoenix Consortium, an entity vested in the water reticulation industry. His entrepreneurial nous has also seen Agency establish a licensed fuel retail business called Tinage Energy (Private) Limited based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

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