Litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution & Debt Recovery

In order to support our various advisory services, the Firm has a litigation and Recoveries department which handles, mandates for contested legal matters in property and general corporate transactions. Our team’s expertise and experience has enabled us to build an efficient system and far-reaching network which are invaluable in ensuring speedy and affordable resolution of disputes.

Civil litigation

the Firm has an excellent rapport and deep appreciation of processes within the many offices of various stakeholders in the civil litigation ecosystem – from the Magistrates Court and all the superior courts, to the Messenger of Court, Sheriff and the Master’s office.

Alternative dispute resolution

we also provide legal representation on civil disputes at commercial arbitrations, Rent Board Hearings and other alternative dispute resolution platforms in Zimbabwe and region.

Debt recovery

we provide an efficient and practical debt recovery service which goes beyond securing court orders for clients’ claims but. proceeds to ensure that the value of the orders given is actually realised by the clients.

We provide ourselves on recovering value for creditors at little to no cost and have perfected into an art that Is essential to clients both legally and practically.